Adult Foster Care and Assisted Living

Superior Foster Care and Assisted Living Insurance

Adult Foster Care/Assisted Living

Rockman Insurance Group Inc has based its programs on your needs and requirements. We provide a choice of companies and plans to meet your individual needs. We will consider homes or facilities of any number of residents.

We are constantly searching for new companies and plans in order to give you the best of plans and importantly lower costs.

We Provide to You, the Client

1. Liability insurance for both your professional and general needs and requirements.
a. We write both occurrence and claims made forms of coverage. You need to know the difference and we will be happy to explain.
b. We write coverage for abuse and sexual misconduct.
c. We can add hired and non-owned auto coverage to cover you when your employees use their cars in the course of your business operations.

2. Property - you will need coverage for your physical location and the contents inside. You also need coverage for your clients' personal items.
a. We cover the main structure and any other buildings on the property.
b. We cover the business property at this location.
c. We can cover the personal property of residents.

3. Commercial auto – coverage for vehicles used to transport your residents.

4. Workers' compensation insurance – you are liable for any employee who is injured on the job. This includes all medical and loss wages due to inability to work. In some cases, you can choose not to insure but you are still liable. Check before you make that choice.
5. Bonds – in some instances, the organization that sends you residents may require that you post a bond. If this happens, we can provide the bond.

There are many factors that can affect your insurance plans, rates, and even the ability to get insurance. We have different plans to meet those needs and have not yet found someone whom we couldn’t insure.

Factors That Could and Would Affect Your Rates

1. Type of residents you have
2. Ambulatory or not
3. Bed ridden
4. Wheel chairs or walkers
5. Wanderers
6. State investigations and violations
7. Claims
8. Age and condition or your residence
9. Driving records for auto coverage
10. No prior insurance
Assisted Living

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